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Healthcare Consulting
CCI was specifically formed to assist health care providers throughout the country in determining and implementing the appropriate steps to take in response to the government’s mounting focus on fraud and abuse and increasing emphasis on compliance.
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» Billing & Coding Reviews
» CIA and IRO Engagements
» ChargeMaster Analysis
» Contract Review Service
» Cost Report Assistance
» Education and Training
» HIPAA Directives
» Physician Compliance Offerings
» Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC)
» Self Audit Process
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Initially, CCI's consulting division was established to assist health care organizations of all types and sizes in designing, developing and implementing effective voluntary compliance programs which allowed them the opportunity to create controlled environments that reinforced the given entity’s commitment to compliance. Our compliance program services afforded providers with a framework of compliance, thereby reducing the likelihood of errors or situations of non-compliance. CCI now serves virtually all types and sizes of health care providers, and have expanded our service offerings to include literally all aspects of Medicare and Medicaid compliance.

As the government (fortified by the Health Care Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) continues increasing its scrutiny of the health care industry it is imperative that all health care providers implement an effective and efficient compliance program. We at Compliance Concepts, Inc. can design and implement a compliance program which will help correct the problems of today and eliminate the pitfalls of the future.


The biographical descriptions of the principals of CCI, along with the most senior professional staff, can be viewed on the Our Team page. CCI believes that the combined backgrounds of its principals represent extensive and unparalleled experience in dealing with federal regulators and regulations, and practical insight into the government’s expectations with respect to effective compliance programs. It should also be noted that our professional staff members are mature healthcare professionals with extensive, practical, hands-on experience. CCI is committed to employing only seasoned professional staff whose real-life experiences have proven to be invaluable in interacting with client personnel over the course of a compliance engagement.

The principals of CCI lead most compliance engagements and are directly responsible for all client service activities, including maintaining direct and frequent communication with the Corporate Compliance Officer and other personnel.

Our Mission

The mission of our health care division is to assist health care providers in achieving, ensuring and demonstrating continued compliance with the myriad of laws, rules and regulations that impact the health care industry. Although CCI was originally formed to assist healthcare providers in developing and implementing voluntary compliance programs, we have expanded our service offerings to include literally all aspects of Medicare and Medicaid compliance impacting every sector of the healthcare industry.



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