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Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC)
In addition to assisting in the full-scope design, development, assessment and implementation of corporate compliance programs, CCI also provides targeted compliance-related services.
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During these tough economic times, healthcare organizations are struggling with less manpower and more governmental regulations. According to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) 2007 RAC Status Document, the estimated amount of improper Medicare payments exceeds $10 billion annually. In order to recover these lost funds and reduce future losses, CMS launched the Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) demonstration program in five states. With the success of the demonstration program, CMS has announced the Permanent RAC program. The nationwide rollout is slated to be fully implemented by 2010.

The RAC program comes with tight deadlines and mounds of paperwork. Is your healthcare organization ready for this increased workload? Without    continual monitoring and guidance, healthcare organizations stand to lose Medicare dollars due to inability to respond to the RAC requests and formulate appeals on a timely basis.

RxRAC Process

Our team of experts will act as your RAC team by managing the entire RAC process for your healthcare organization.  From the time of the first letter received (requesting medical records) to the last level of appeal, CCI will be your RAC team. Each step in the RAC process will be handled within our team.

  1. Educate staff and leadership on the RAC initiative.
  2. Streamlining process improvement methods and form revisions.
  3. Coordinating release of information.
  4. Manage and Monitor CCI RxRAC Database.
  5. Mail records/CDs via certified mail.
  6. Assist with reviewing, writing and appealing denials.
  7. Educate and report on denials.
  8. Assist with quarterly reporting to AHA RAC TRAC.
  9. Verify financial impact.
  10. Suggest compliance plan revisions.
  11. Contact RAC with any questions/concerns.


RAC Specialist

Having developed a practice devoted exclusively to healthcare compliance related services, and having had extensive experience in serving a vast array of healthcare clients throughout the United States (including hospitals, long-term care facilities, physician practices, ASCs and integrated delivery systems), we are confident that we can fulfill your RAC needs. As well as hands on experience with the demonstration program, Donna Wilson (from the state of South Carolina) will be able to share her expertise with your staff to better understand the impact of this powerful initiative. 

For more information contact sales@ccius.com or download our RxRAC brochure. 




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